Why FxFlame

Discover Why FxFlame Is The Best

Many firms have a conflict of interest with your trades. The more you lose the more they make and this leads to unethical behavior that we’re sure many of you have experienced… Today, that’s over!

Trade Without Conflicts Of Interest

Did you know that some brokers use software to help you lose money with slippage & requote software? The more you lose the more they make. We don’t have those conflicts of interest. We don’t use any deceptive software to harm your accounts in any way.

Ever wonder where all the money came from to fund those endorsements? You guessed it, from your pocket. We don’t spend money except on increasing our world-class customer support and helping you feel comfortable trading.

Fantastic Tools

We offer you world class tools at your disposal so no matter where you are and or what you want to do we give you all the options so you can trade at home or abroad.

With the robust MT4 platform you can add any customization you would live and we’ve added mobile trading so you have access to your fingertips every hour the market is open.

Real Wholesale Pricing

Experience real wholesale pricingwhen trading. We deliver great best pricing without intermediary price bloat. We have LPs with some of the biggest banks in the world ranging from Deutsche Bank, RBS, Morgan Stanley and UBS just to name a few.

Now it’s time for you to enjoy incredible spreads that will make trading that much more profitable. Isn’t it time you got real pricing without weird hidden fees you didn’t know existed?

60 Second Sign-Up To Start Trading

You want to start fast and we’re here to Light Your Passion so you can trade quickly. We made the sign-up process as streamlined and easy as possible so you can start getting into the market and trading as soon as possible.

Multiple Account Types

You choose your trading future with ECN accounts, Standard Accounts with bonuses, Amanah (Interest Free) and Fixed Spreads. We offer bonuses on all accounts except our ECN option.

You choose the path you want with the account and benefit which best suit you.

And The Biggest Reason? We Don't Mess With Your Trades

No one messes with your trades. The trade goes through our Exematch technology as we match the best liquidity providers for the lowest spreads with no fears of playing games with your trades.

There is no dealing desk, there is no requotes, there is no funny software in the background hurting your account. We just want to be fair with you so you can start to profit as soon as possible.