Fund Manager

Imagine tapping into true wholesale ECN spreads you control, deep liquidity for fills, with spread & commission mark-up that make this an explosive combination for any Fund Manager!.

You Control

  • The Spread & Commission Pricing
  • Leverage Levels
  • Margin/Stop levels

You Benefit By

  • Full customization with a lot of instruments
  • Hiding your trades from sub-accounts
  • Using EAs or any trading philosophies
  • Profit off clients on your terms
  • Deposit and withdrawals for you & your clients are easy
  • Automatically know the commissions & fees
  • MT4 Software
  • True ECN with no games with pricing or software interference
  • True STP Trading & Spreads Starting At. 0.0 & Market Depth

In Other Words You Control EVERYTHING

You can customize your trading in your MAM/PAMM portfolio as you see fit to help you make money in the easiest way possible. You want to pass through our wholesale pricing? You can, you want to mark it up? You can.

You can remove funds at will without affect trading activity and with a nice range of products you’ll have everything at your disposal to grow your profit exponentially.​

We Want You To Control Your Future Starting Today! Sign Up Below!​.

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