About Us

Have you been extremely frustrated with trading and with your broker?

We were too.

FxFlame was developed by a small group of frustrated traders who were just unhappy with the options out there which then grew into a small army dedicated to your success so frustrations are in your rear-view mirror.

After years of really strange slipped trades, requotes, and just really funky stuff causing us to scratch our heads we decided to do some research into the dark world of brokerage.

What we found was disturbing

We found software that specifically holds your trades and slips on purpose, software which causes your desktop MT4 to freeze if you are doing really well, and a slew of other really shady stuff that made us realize there was a huge need.

This lead us to a discovery that for us to trade right we had to make a brokerage for ourselves and what we crafted is the fruit of making the best platform for ourselves that you get the use of too.

  • No Games
  • No Shady Software
  • Just Pure Awesomeness

We focus our time in our trades, making sure you get the best experience with us, and we all succeed together.

We are registered out of St. Vincents with the FSA and created segregated accounts for your protection and it’s the same setup as other major brokers use except we think we just a bit more awesome.

We know you’ll love us! Try us out!